Sprint Case
Oase Outdoor

Product Development

In close collaboration with Oase Outdoors – one of Europe’s leading outdoor companies – and a team consisting of a graphic designer, two engineers and one industrial designer we solved this task through a five day Sprint. The recipe was focus, a tight process and a strong team.

The Challenge
How does a 1-way valve system for air mattresses that allows the user full control over the airflow look like?

The Result
What does a single valve system for air mattresses look like, that allows the user full control of the airflow, allowing them to inflate and deflate the mattresses with ease.
The world’s first 2-way single valve system.

The Sprint process
Through the entire process we were focusing on the users. The largest user segment within camping is children and teenagers aged 6-15 years. Though, as camping products are typically designed for adults, children and teenagers can have a hard time physically managing the gear such as rolling together a 10 cm thick air mattress. Our goal was therefore to design a valve that would give the user full control over the air flow and by this making both the inflation and rolling together the mattress easy for everybody.