Sprint Case
Leo Pharma

Digital Concept Development

LEO Pharma has long been developing remedies for patients suffering from chronic skin deseases. But how can technology make everyday life easier for this user segment? The goal of this Sprint was to seek new possibilities within technological solutions. In order to create a product in just five days we therefor started off by gaining an understanding of the user segment and assembling a diverse team to solve the task.

The Challenge
How can we create new opportunities and improve conditions for patients with chronic skin diseases.

The Result
The result is an app that allows the patient to have an overview of his/her treatment including the possibility to reach doctors and specialists through messages and video chat.

Sprint process
Throughout this Sprint we interviewed both specialised doctors and patients who are living with chronic skin deseases. Based on the knowledge gained through these interviews we identified the two biggest problematics for the user segment. First, a lack of overview and general information when patients are moving through the system from doctors to specialists. Second, a waste of time and ressources in relation to consultations where physical attendance is not necessary.