Et Design Sprint er en 5-dages proces, hvor vi, sammen med virksomhedens egne medarbejdere, udvikler en valideret prototype og samtidig får indarbejdet konkrete værktøjer og innovationskultur i jeres virksomhed.


Day 1 / Monday
user needs

Day 2 / Tuesday
the idea

Day 3 / Wednesday
Settling on a

Day 4 / Thursday
Developing a prototype

Day 5 / Friday
Validating the

The outcome of Sprints

  • A Design Sprint is a five-day process where your ideas will transform from loose sketches and meeting minutes to real solutions and concrete products ready to be tested on potential users.

  • More accuracy within a market with a new solution in just a fraction of the time.

  • Solutions are rooted in your organisation through involvement of your employees in all phases of the project.
  • An action plan for the implementation of the solution

  • Training in Sprint tools and methods to work systematically with new knowledge and solutions when you have to accomplish your development projects. We support an innovative culture in your company or organisation by accustoming our methods to fit your procedures and culture.

Why Sprint

...and where can you use it

Product development
See Case: Oase Outdoor

Digital concept development
See Case: Leo Pharma

Development of strategy

Business development
See Case: La Cabra

Who have done Sprints

Sprint Case
La Cabra
Coffee Roasters

Sprint Case

Sprint Case
Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency

Sprint Case

"I have never before witnessed a more on point solution that meets my business’ and our client's needs than the one Anorak designed for Joint Action Analytics. And I have been through my fair share of development processes!"

Carsten Hornstrup, Joint Action

The Sprint process

A thorough explanation

Development projects can drag out into month-long processes due to the lack of tight project leadership. Our procedure is short and focused so that we can move at least 80% of the way to a new solution in just five days. Our goal is to create the highest possible value for your customers and users by creating a service or a product that meets the need of the market.


Day 1 – Monday
Understanding user needs

We begin all Sprints by formulating the challenge and defining a clear goal of the week. Through this process we agree on the scale of the project and put together the perfect team for the job. This will serve as our fundament throughout the rest of the Sprint.


Day 2 – Tuesday
Developing the idea

By integrating knowledge from your organisation and a broader market research we will develop ideas and possible solutions to the Sprint challenge.


Day 3 – Wednesday
Settling on a concept

Based on the idea development we will include the decision makers from your organisation in the selection of the final concept, which we will test on potential users and customers on day 5.


Day 4 – Thursday
Developing a prototype

We will invite external experts and key people from your organisation into creating a prototype based on the concept created. This will be ready for test the following day.


Day 5 – Friday
Validating the solution

We will test the prototype on your current and potential users and customers. Through this we will learn what works and what has to change in order for you to hit the needs of your target group when the final solution, product or service is on the market.

Who are our customers

Agency for Data Supply and Efficien

Design and strategy in the development of a new application.


Mentorship for Maersk’s digital innovation department.

Leo Pharma

Development of new digital solutions for people with chronic skin diseases.

Universal Music

Facilitation of a Sprint process focusing on the development of new artists.

We will take you 80% of the way in just 5 days.